It’s that time of the week again, today we will tell you the best lighting stores in Tel-Aviv. This tropical city in Israel is today’s pick for the best lighting stores. Unique designs at unique places, find them now.

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Kimchi Lighting Company

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

📍 Adress: 23 Lehi Street, Bnei Brak (near the Daisin Center)
Kimchi Lighting Company is responsable for the manufacture and marketing of lighting fixtures for the past three generations. The company declares that provides its customers with the highest quality products and offers a variety of lighting solutions made for each space and style. The company claims to be always attentive to customer demands and market changes, invests resources in constant updating with every technological development, every new material and design line, accurately meets the needs of the audience.

Lighting Warehouses

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

📍 Adress: Kibbutz Galuyot 45
Lighting Warehouse stores leads the lighting industry in Israel. The chain, which was established in 1998, now has 46 branches nationwide. The network offers a wide range of high-quality lighting fixtures for private homes, commercial projects and public buildings at affordable prices. Lighting solutions are based on innovative lighting technologies and advanced raw materials. With all entities sold on the network undergo rigorous quality testing and meet the necessary safety standards. 

Dori Kimchi

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

📍 Adress: Kibbutz Galuyot 32
This family company was founded in 1963, Dori Kimchi – Architectural Lighting has a professional and skilled team, a variety of the largest products in the field and forty-eight years of experience. 
In every private, public or commercial space, the final design touch comes from the combination of the lighting fixtures that the company produces.

Karney Tchelet

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

📍 Adress: HaNechoshet St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6971069
Karney Tchelet is part of Nisko Electricity and Electronics Group, one of the top most influential and innovative companies in the field of elite lighting instruments in Israel. There you can find a variety of international lighting brands that have set new standards of decorative & technical home design lighting solutions.
Karney Tchelet’s lighting fixtures are designed by top leading & most prominent lighting designers in the world, including Marcel Wanders, Philippe Starck and many other notable designers.

New Light

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

📍 Adress: Elijah Eitan 17 Rishon Lezion
New Light is a manufacturer and importer that markets its products to nationwide projects and wholesalers, established in 1983 and continuing the professional trend, development, advancement and renewal through the years. The utmost attention is given to the high quality and reliability of the products and the in-depth thinking in finding unique designs and solutions for the convenience of assembling the bodies and their current use.

Editor’s Choice

We told you the best lighting stores in Tel-Aviv, now is time to our usual recommendations. Today we will name three different pieces that you can find on the Lighting Stores Shop without the need to buy a airplane ticket all the away to Israel. Find them now.

Burj Chandelier

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

Although inspired by one of the most stunning hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab located in Dubai the Burj Chandelier keeps the extravagance and african style of countries like Israel. Just as the hotel, this masterpiece is a symbol of modern age and luxury combined. It’s also a strong, decorative structure, fully made of gold plated brass, with a delicately handmade glass tubes.

Basie Wall

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

Similiar to some of the products presented above this vintage mid-century lamp has a set of distinctive features which make it a stunning statement piece. Basie Wall Lamp is an indoor wall light handmade in brass, with a center shade made in aluminum and a mesmerizing gold-plated standard finish. The lamp shade is lacquered a glossy white for a more modern look.

Hanna Pendant

The Best Lighting Stores in Tel-Aviv

Elegantly made in brass by artisans who applied delicately an ancient technique called hand metal spinning, this pendant lamp will provide your room a striking, elegant look. Hanna pendant light brings together a visually appealing aluminum bell lamp shade and a customizable versatility by way of finishes. With a shape that reminds of the arabic style, this pendant lamp is a result of simplicty and beauty together.

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