We are fascinated about Creative Lamps, so we’re always looking for the most recent Trend Lighting Designs and we found a diferente campaign with decorative illumination by the brand LZF Lamps. Since March 2015 creative consultancy Masquespacio started to work on different campaigns with decorative illumination Brand LZF Lamps. Today they present the first of them “Trend Lighting Tips”, consisting in the recreation of interiors of various styles that seek to exhibit the wooden lamps from the Valencian enterprise.


lighting tips


During the month of December, the first 2 Trend Tips were officially launched. The first is a vintage cafeteria starring LZF Lamps’ Domo lamp. Here you can find the perfect space to enjoy a coffee with milk, cappuccino or what you want, while reading the latest news or looking through your favourite magazine, enjoying the warm atmosphere, created by the ligh and noble materials of the surrounding.


Lighting Tips


The second Trend Tip on the other hand shows us a kid enjoying his favourite games in a child friendly and at the same time relaxing space with a modern look. Here the kid can live his perfect moment both to play as well as for a moment of concentration during his studies, thanks to the atmosphere created again by the Domo lamp.


Lighting Tips


This way Masquespacio and LZF Lamps wanted to show how the wooden lamps from the Spanish brand can fit in any space and from whatever style.


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