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Happy week everyone! We’re here to start another week with another color challenge! And this time… Oh boy… It’s going to be a hard one. Do you imagine yourself wearing/styling the color yellow in your closet or your home for a whole week? Well, we are trying to do it this week, and we are challenging to do it too! Are you ready? Let’s dive in together!

Get Yellow: 

First things first, let us start by saying the meaning of this beautiful . It is the brightest color that the human eye can see. Yellow color meaning represents youth, fun, joy, sunshine and other happy feelings.

It is a cheerful and . The color yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes. And it’s also often hard to read when placed on a white background, so designers must be careful when using the color yellow. It quickly becomes hard to read and you might not notice it at all.


But what does this color mean in the marketing area? Much like how red has been proven to increase heart rate and increase appetite, yellow has a similar effect in the food arena. Together they are the most popular colors for fast food restaurants because they evoke the tastebuds and appetite. Outside of the fast food industry, many restaurants shy away from this color combination simply because of the strong connotations to fast food.

It is also a cautionary color. Whether it’s a yellow light on the road or the neon yellow and orange that accompanies construction sites as a sign of danger.

But in … What does it mean? Yellow is a sunny. Interior decorating with yellow color is associated with warm and happy things in life. Color therapy uses yellow color shades to make people smile and feel joyful.

Yellow creates a sense of warmth and coziness, and it is a very popular wall paint color. The color of happy emotions creates a happy interior decorating. A person, surrounded by happy interior decorating, feels cheerful and energetic.

What If You Tried The Color Yellow For The Whole Week What If You Tried The Color Yellow For The Whole Week

And in fashion, guys… Let us tell you: yellow is clearly the biggest color trend for Spring and Summer! Ahead of Fashion Week, Pantone decreed marigold called Aspen Gold as the yellow for the season, but, really, there are plenty of different shades represented, from paler or darker to more lime-yellow!

is already going big with the , so what are you waiting for to start challenging the hardest colors to style? Get out of your comfort zone, and go big!


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