Austria’s biggest design event is on and we are about to make you want to buy a ticket!

That’s true, another design week is happening and of course, we couldn’t not talk about it, right? This time is Vienna Design Week that’s on the spotlight. Austria seems the perfect place to spend a nice week in October, so don’t waste your time thinking about it, just read this article and book your flight!

About Design Weeks: 

The Vienna Design Week is Austria’s largest with a large number of venues throughout Vienna. The , curated by Lilli Hollein, entered its twelfth round this autumn. To disclose the production processes and to stimulate the experimental work, you can find on their official website core elements of the .


The event turns all of Vienna into a showplace and showroom for design. Design is more than the designed object and is understood as an elementary component of . The festival makes it clear how fundamentally design shapes the material culture, our everyday life, and the commodity world, as well as lifestyle and fashion, in short: the entire aesthetic sensibility and judgment.

This is something you can’t miss! If your reading this and you’re regretting you didn’t come, just remember it’s not too late! This amazing is waiting for your visit until de 7th of October.

There’s so much to see, come to say hi, we are going to be there! As design lovers, this is an event we couldn’t pass (and it’s an opportunity- and an excuse- to finally meet Austria).


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