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You’re getting closer to the date, and the question remains: what are we doing there?

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Milan Design Week, and today we show you some of them. It’s another year but different things to do. This event promises to take you beyond your expectations, and who are we to doubt? Enough talking! It’s time to do your Italian guide for the week from 9 until 14th of April!

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iSaloni 2019

The 58th edition of is going to blow everyone’s mind that’s for certain. Mixing every aspect that matters, the culture-shaping design event is the one that shapes the interior design world, yesterday, today and tomorrow. A leading event in the industry of top-notch designers and products. Among the luxury section, you’ll find the leading brands around. From Kartell, DelightFULL, Essential Home, Boca do Lobo, BRABBU, Luxury Living Group there are several you surely don’t want to miss out on the Italian trade show!

Triennale di Milano

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Taking place from March 1st – September 1st, the International Exhibition of La will have a unique theme: Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival. The XXII edition of the event is curated by Paola Antonelli – Senior Curator of Architecture and Design and Director of R&D at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.


This year is all about lighting. The International Lighting Exhibition,  is on the verge of being one of the best editions. Presenting all the novelties in the field of interior and exteriors, the 30th edition of Euroluce is a benchmark where top lighting brands present their novelties and design in the lighting world takes center stage.

Brera  Design District

One of the most important design districts in the whole design event, this is one of the focal points when it comes to creativity and commercial points. With more than 200 exhibitors making an appearance, the district is focusing on excellence around the area, always enhancing the cultural aspect of the country. And do you want some fresh news? DelightFULL and Essential Home will be featured in ! A big move for these  brands, that will have a bond with this place forever!

Salone Satellite

Salone Satellite’s challenge has always been to imagine the shape of design to come and to try and imagine how future generations will forge a new, perfect balance between project, function, and beauty.


Premiering the latest trends in the world of design, Fuorisalone is a set of events throughout the different areas of Milan, with a wave of events, exhibitions, and presentations. The collection of Fuorisalone’s Design Districts introduce the next steps in the world of design to design lovers everywhere.

Porta Venezia in Design

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Uniting food & wine, Art Nouveau architecture, and design, “Porta Venezia in Design” makes its sixth appearance at this year’s Fuorisalone. The vibrant and decorative neighborhood will take visitors on a tour through the gorgeous buildings, stores, and bars.

Superdesign Show

One of the most iconic places of design in Milan is the Superstudio. One of the pioneers of the Fuorisalone district, this is the sought-after and most visited place in the Tortona District. Superstudio is the place to be when looking after excellence and quality.

Tortona Design District

A new multifunctional venue awaits you this year. Hosting exhibitions and projects all around the world of the nomadic living, this is the place to find more and more about user-friendly objects and itinerant structure and portable, floating houses.

“5 Vie” District

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A key design district, The ‘5 vie’ on its 2017 edition hosted a special event powered in collaboration with Milano Pride, called Design Pride’, a parade featuring allegoric floats led by Seletti to give exposure to young emerging talent and international schools. There’s everything to go right on this edition of 2019!

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