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The time is flying so fast we can’t even enjoy the days how we should be! But we try our best to keep you on track and updated in the decor field. That is why we feel that you deserve to know what’s hot on Pinterest this week. Our big focus in the past week was the , so we search for trending pictures in this area and mix it some pictures of our own Pinterest page.

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This week our board on Pinterest called For Bedroom had some trending images. Can you guess what colors are winning?

According to Pantone, some of the preferences for fall and winter are the . For that reason, we feel that our tending pictures all have the same grey or pinkish vibe! Having less color doesn’t mean it’s more appealing, but it doesn’t take too much work and will always look classy in any .

Changing the subject a little bit, what is the new ? Not new, but old: Vintage is the new black! The is back at it again and it’s a major trend for 2018. You can see the comfy and cozy pattern in every picture, with wood and kind of an old-style vibe. But we love it, don’t we?

What's Hot On Pinterest This Week’s Trending Style 5

The small lights in the shelf, the plats near your side table, the frames hanging above the bed: that’s the vibe we’re coming from this year. It’s very important to have an where you feel comfortable and where you can feel you can call it ‘home’.

What's Hot On Pinterest This Week’s Trending Style 4

Enhance the mood and ambiance with a carefully considered  lighting scheme, make sure each side of the bed has task lighting for a spot of bedtime reading and compliment the style of the room with a statement overhead light or pendant.

There are so many amazing things you can bring into your holy space! Hope any of these was helpful to decide between this or that element! Always remember: vintage is the way to go this year!

FUN FACT: Did you know that we spend around one-third of our lives in bed? It’s, therefore, all the more crucial that our bedroom should be as beautiful – and practical – as possible.

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