Almost 1 month apart: you and the holiday you want so bad!

Thanksgiving day this year is on November 22nd and we are already planning our own, what about you? If you are running out of ideas, today our main goal is to give you some decor suggestions. Get ready to run to your attic to get your once you are done with this article!

Festive Season: 

Outdoor String Lights seems like an obvious choice and maybe a little bit cliché, but not for us. This is the time when you can pull of the best of your . Soft, frosted bulbs help set the mood outdoors. Do you want a little pro tip: plant posts in the ground on either end of the table, then use them to attach string lights. This way you will be able to have a quite simple dinner outside with the .


Rockin’ place cards is a fun and original idea to sit your family wherever you want without causing the usual stress of sitting everyone. Paint smooth stones with gold craft paint, then write guests’ names with a metallic marker to give a woodsy accent to your fall tablescapes. If you want to do something more fun you can also write the person’s name and then a nickname above. This way, this simple detail will leave everyone in a good mood.

Decor your walls with a watercolor white pumpkin wall art. Nowadays it’s hard to have time to wait for shipping, right? For that reason, you should do it yourself! Print out this adorable piece of artwork at home and pop it in a frame you already have. You can even order it in other colors to create a little pumpkin patch on your gallery wall. Options are endless, enjoy this time of the year and use it to give a fresh look to your .

Cozy Throws is another you can arrange for . There’s nothing better than crisp fall air. Move the table outside — just like the original Thanksgiving! — for a change of pace at this year’s dinner. Warm it up with snuggly pillows, faux-fur throws, and a pretty accent rug. What’s not to love about an informal, cozy and relax dinner?

Hang an orange berry fall wreath. A wreath is also used during Christmas time, but it’s a different kind of one. This is more fallish and we absolutely love it! Lot’s of people nowadays have given this personalized door decoration a perfect five-star rating, and we understand, it’s stunning! It looks lovely on any front door and makes orange pumpkins really pop on my porch if you are using it has home decor as well.

Place a pumpkin vine centerpiece in your dining table. If your table runner’s looking a little bare, we’ve got you covered. Twist faux ivy and wire vines around gourds for that looks pretty from every place setting.


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