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Born in Sfax, Tunisia, in 1959, Tom Dixon is presently one of the most remarkable product designers. Son of a BBC journalist and an English, everything he knows today, at the age of 57, he learnt it almost all by himself. Unhappy towards the shackles of academic learning, he chose to learn empirically, experimenting with shape and function, and gaining knowledge through the contact with others. He even worked as a musician before he became a designer.

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Some thirty years later, Tom Dixon has become a renowned artist,  a long way from his S-Chair — which he created having in mind a chicken, and which the public associates with the feminine body. Dixon states his first lamp was probably the Spiral Light. This particular lamp was the peak of an everlasting passion for light and movement, setting aside motionless or static creations. This particular piece is a dynamic one and, in Dixon’s words, “It’s hard to pass this lamp without smacking it to make the projected light dance on the ceiling”.

tom dixon


The British designer has released two new pieces about a month ago, at the Stockholm Design Week 2017.

The first one is called Void. It masterfully meddles with the playfulness of a reflexive metal, known for the sculptural and slender figures it reflects and the dynamic curiosity it inspires in the ones passing by. Inspired by the thermal flasks used to carry hot drinks, Void is made from pure metal formed into a complex double-walled shade.
tom dixon

Its exterior is polished in order to get the reflexive finish Dixon often applies to his designs. Void can be displayed as a single piece or in a sort or mysterious ensemble. The combination of colors is bewitching and debonair, the copper, glass and steel. Additionally, Void is also available in the pendants collection.

tom dixon

The second piece is entitled Plane, a brass-plated chandelier composed of 4 double-layered white glass spheres distributed seven rotating planes. “The brass-plated steel frames planes can be rotated to create different configurations and mysterious optical illusions,” said the studio.

tom dixon

The chandelier is truly powerful and makes a statement, so it should fill a blank space or have the spotlight of any given room. It was designed to create a sophisticated and dynamic environment in an atrium, staircase or lobby.



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