6 Dining Room Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Dinner Party

These dining room lighting ideas are going to completely take over your decor!

If you’re looking for the perfect statement piece for your dining room, a bold lighting fixture is always the perfect choice. When it comes to lighting, we know best, so check out these 6 dining room lighting ideas that are sure to put a smile on your face!

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An oversized pendant with a neutral color can really finish the look on a dining room, hanging over a wooden table with bold rugs or wallpapers. A statement dining chair alongside a pendant lamp can really make a dining room feel more elevated.

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What if the right way to go in your dining room isn’t oversized but rather a small pendant light, barely there but enough to make a statement. We recommend a brass lighting fixture hanging over the dining table, sober but elegant.

A chandelier is also an incredible option when it’s hung over a dining table in an elegant dining room. You can make it bold, classic or even contemporary – you’ll find it to easily complement your decor either way.


Neutral colors call for a minimalist design in your lighting fixture to combine perfectly, so why not go for a minimalist pendant lamp? When a long table is the focal point, an elongated lamp will work even better!

Wall lamps could also work if your dining space is at the corner of a room, especially with a round dining table that is so trendy, not only this year, but for the upcoming year as well. If you also love this trend, or you’re making the most of your space, a wall sconce is just perfect.

Spice up your dining room decor with a beautiful art decor inspired pendant lamp, or even mid-century styled lighting fixtures. It will make your room look trendy without losing the nostalgic feel and the elegance of vintage design.

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