Let’s find out together what Modern Floor Lamps you will be falling in love with!

Every dignified reading corner deserves a statement lighting design, so here we are today giving you the best floor lamps! If you have a reading corner is because you enjoy having a comfortable and cozy space where you can sit, read a good book, and maybe even listen to a jazz song, while forgetting all your problems. So don’t worry, we got your back!

Get Inspired: 

                                                                   Romero Armchair

A mid-century modern floor lamp paired with this unique reading chair transform this tight corner into a cozy and bright reading nook. The unique purple patterned of this rug and the luxurious mirror, add a bit of drama to the set.

                                                                              Russel Armchair

Here, the vintage reading lamp and chair coupling add interest to an eclectic rug that makes the seat inviting and warm. This looks like the perfect combo, don’t you think?

                                                                 Maya Armchair

What about an arc floor lampArmstrong is our favorite! This lamp combines a gentle warm light with a stylish design, and it has a bonus advantage… It is easy to resemble and it’s space-efficient. Nothing can go wrong with this lighting design. An all-white backdrop lets this mid-century modern reading chair and Scandinavian lamp stand out from the scene.

The Best Floor Lamps For Your Reading Corner 4

                                                                     Hudson Armchair

The Best Floor Lamps For Your Reading Corner 9

If you are a book lover then there is nothing in the world that sounds better than a snuggle in a comfy armchair with a soft blanket and a good book, right? Well, but if you want this moment to be perfect, you’ll need the perfect floor lamp. For that special moment, Sinatra floor lamp is the choice that could never go wrong. In a room brimming with a mid-century modern design, this lighting design’s simple silhouette does its job without much flair — and that’s the point.

                                                                      Mansfield Armchair

The Best Floor Lamps For Your Reading Corner 10

Bring some fun back into reading by thinking outside the box with the color of your reading chair choice. This match is perfect because the tripod floor lamp is equally innovative and dazzling. With three adjustable lamp shades with glossy black and gold plated finishes, this Scandinavian floor lamp can light multiple areas, making it the perfect addition to your mid-century modern interior.


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