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Aboday is a colossal effort in maintaining the co-existence of three different brains. At some point, three years after we established our company, we realized that our differences are something we can rely on to complete one another. Imagine how boring it would’ve been, to hear the same voice and style when we can enjoy more tunes and different dances. The three of us have the freedom to individually exercise what we believe and this is what sets Aboday apart from the other firms. In order to minimize the excess, Aboday intends to detach from the binds of genre and style, or any community that has the potential of causing friction. As an organization, this set-up will bring Aboday forward through time, even when the three of us are no longer inside it. We continue our efforts to experiment on organization and profession as a way of finding the perfect formula to create balance among growing surroundings and contradictions.

Airmas Asri

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Established in October 1988 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Airmas Asri has grown rapidly to become Indonesia’s foremost provider of architectural consultancy services. Our philosophy, Architecture is not merely about designing beautiful and impressive buildings, and Design excellent is about creating physical environments that provide the maximum possible added value for the clients and improve the lives of end-users.

Bika Group

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It began with our founder’s passion and enthusiasm for beauty. He believes that beauty should not only be appreciated but also be enjoyed and perceived. For this reason, BIKA was established in 1975 as a company that manufactured custom wooden furniture. BIKA focuses on creating furniture characterized by quality, strength, beauty, and durability.


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BOTTEGA & ARTISAN brings European design house as well as replication of REAL Natural Stone and Marble. Using a state-of-the-art scanning machine, we replicate a whole piece of stone, to provide the most natural and authentic design in our tiles.


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Broco is a well-known brand and established company in the Indonesian market for almost 40 years. Since its founding, Broco has proven itself to be a dynamic market leader and pioneer in manufacturing quality electrical products.

CDS Studio

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Founded in 2014, we do Architecture & Interior Design Services, Our portfolio varies in retail, residential, and office project. We believe in each and every project there’s a”puzzle problem” that needs to be solved. Based on that problem-solving attitude, we focus on solving our client’s problem through our design.

Cross Space Interior

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Cross Space Interior is an interior design entity located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We were founded by a creative mind, with a passion that mainly contributes to the creation and art of space. With international experience and credibility in its designs, our teamwork across small and large-scale residential, commercial, and retail environments in Indonesia and abroad. Our style involves aesthetics in, but not limited to; elegance and simplicity, with respect for classic and contemporary designs.

Denton Corker Marshall

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Denton Corker Marshall is a highly acclaimed international design practice producing innovative and functional architecture and urban design throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. Established in Melbourne in 1972, the practice now operates worldwide with offices in Melbourne, London, Manchester, and Jakarta.



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We can never understate our passion for building Elite. However, Elite has come much farther than we could ever have imagined possible, despite the many hardship and difficulties every aspiring business could possibly encounter. When we began as our private and personal hobby has now become a business whose successes have been built on the faith and trust of many of our clients and business associates since 1977. Over a quarter of a century may seem a long time for many. But for us, and everyone else who has contributed in one way or another to Elite’s success thus farm the journey has only just begun.

Emotion Design Studio

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Emotion Design Studio was formed in November 2014 with 2 founders start the business together. We join on the line of design & build a business to create unique and satisfying results for our clients. We also do a small construction for housing or private house interior fitting. Sometimes We collaborate with Our Partners for special size projects, to give good perspective design & perfection on product results for clients.

e.Re studio

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e.Re studio was formed in 2011 by an architect couple, Erwin Kusuma and Regina Winarni, with years of experience in Singapore doing luxurious residential projects as a foundation. Today we have evolved into a design studio based in Bandung, Indonesia, with architectural and interior projects spread out in Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Lombok.


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HBA’s international presence, depth of experience, and detailed industry knowledge enable its designers to identify interior design trends at their source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations, and influenced sign standards at a global level. HBA’s ultimate objective is to add value, raise standards, and enhance the brand of the owner and operator of a project.


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HighStreetStudio offers a complete creative direction and interior design, the studio’s projects range from commercial to residential sector. Since 2009 we have collaborated with clients to achieve measurable business results and better living – working environments. Under the creative direction of Jakarta-based designers, the studio celebrates clients who seek innovative ways of developing their brand or their interior. Its unique approach disregards convention in search of something altogether more courageous, fun, and impulsive.

JW Consultant

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JW Consultant is an architectural and interior design consulting company based in Jakarta. Our aim is to create an architecture that is as unique and specific as our clients. We dwell on the social aspects of a ‘living’, such as culture, lifestyle, and habits, which inherently govern how humans interact with its surrounding. As a result, every design and solution is different and unique to its own inhabitant, striving to paint the person into their house, creating a home as a reflection of its owner.


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KIND believes in collaboration rather than imposes on one’s design. Architects, engineers, and economists together with our clients work as a team to invent new ideas for a better-built environment.


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Kingsmen is a communications design and production company that provides a complete range of services ranging from design, construction, and project management of retail shops,  restaurants, banking, offices, hotels, counters, exhibitions, and events. Established in Indonesia in 1992 under company flag  PT. Kingsmen Trisekawan Manunggaljaya.


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LAFLO has created stories in clients’ houses and offices. Well known for how its furniture collections affect human emotion, LAFLO is counting to give meanings and stories in people’s lives through art and design.


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MLS is an independent specialist lighting design consultancy providing a complete lighting design service. Specializing in architectural and urban integration, innovative natural daylighting, and artificial lighting, MLS’ environmental design philosophy aims to integrate and accentuate lighting as part of the whole spatial experience.


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For 25 years, MOIE has been home to the world’s most celebrated Interior Lifestyle brands. Catering an all-inclusive experience to our clientele, we provide a comprehensive lifestyle collection from furniture, kitchen, walk-in closet, doors, partitions, and accessories.

Plus Design

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PlusDesign was founded in 2003 by Prasetio Budhi. Prasetio is a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. Since its inception, the practice has grown substantially and has attracted many high profile clients across residential, retail, and commercial platforms. Based in Indonesia, PlusDesign’s objective is to bring world-class design to every project.


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Established in 2013, PT. Prodotti Indonesia (“Prodotti Indonesia”) is an integrated luxury furniture retail network company. Our company headquarters is located in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Prodotti Indonesia’s goal is to become the most prestigious and comprehensive international luxury furniture firm in Indonesia.


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PTI Architects (PT. Prada Tata Internasional) has grown steadily into one of Indonesia’s well-respected and widely recognized premier practices in Indonesia in recent years. We offer a full range of services in master planning, architecture, and interior design.

Sana Living

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Sana Living’s beginning was driven by a passion to create beautiful pieces for anyone who longs for bold yet stylish living, those who eager to make the most out of furniture and in a home. Combining the best from the past and the present, our style is rooted in our rich heritage of tradition and craftsmanship, with a sophisticated approach.

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