What better welcome mode than a beautiful, well projected and warm external lightning in your garden and entrance? It intensifies your home’s beauty, helps to highlight it from your neighborhood and add the security element. It’s an element that can make the difference in your home. Several designers cultivate this topic and can help you to make your exterior home the most luxurious and fancy that you ever seen and we selected the best lighting ideas to inspire you.

Exterior lighting ideas that you will love_exterior

To be safer, we should illuminate the walking areas. In the frequented paths the lights should turn on simply and automatically. Chose the better spots that you want to put on evidence.

Exterior lighting ideas that you will love walking area

A well-lit front entrance enables you to greet guests and identify visitors. Wall lanterns on eache side of the door will give you your home a warm, welcoming look, while assurring the safety of those who enter.

Under a porch or other overhang, you can use recessed, chain-hung or close-to-ceiling fixtures. A separate rear or side entrance can be lighted with a single wall lantern installed on the keyhole side of the door.

Exterior lighting ideas that you will love_light

Playing with Lighting 

The great thing here is that although high-end lighting is really expensive (so having multiples a bit of an issue), many budget brands can be used. By using these sconces in groups, they can achieve a more impactful effect.

Exterior lighting ideas that you will love stunningideas

To find the better points to fix the lights, respect the home and garden’s style. Like stainless steel design for a modern house, aluminum and classic shapes for a cottage and so on. Exterior lights should fit smoothly in your garden both day and night. To try it on and test the effects you can use a portable projector.

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