So much has been said already about the trends for 2016. Interior design is going to go back to basics, the materials and finishes will have to keep their quality and the guidelines for any home design are around the word “luxury”. But that’s not all: if you want to make the most of your interiors, you need to be sophisticated and leave your personal trace in every detail. Having Luxury Chandeliers can totally work all of these at once! So, in order to help you choose the best, today we show you a selection of lighting fixtures that will make your home decor go over the top!

Trends for 2016 Luxury Chandeliers chandelier

This is a very modern chandelier. The elegance of this luxury chandelier can transform each space into something outstanding.

Trends for 2016 Luxury Chandeliers luxxu

The advent of electric light might have allowed designers more freedom, but chandeliers still retain an aura of luxury and opulence. This is Burj, inspired in one of the most stunning hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab!

Trends for 2016 Luxury Chandeliers empire

Experience the look of luxury at home with new designer lighting. Empire Chandelier is perfect for a bold decor. If you have high ceilings and wish to have a statement piece, this is the right piece for your home design.. It is absolutely elegant!

Trends for 2016 Luxury Chandeliers waterfall

A chandelier is a decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture. Chandeliers are often ornate, and normally use lamps. Trends for 2016 dictate that a sophisticated home design has this kind of luxury! Be bold and find a statement piece that goes with your home characteristics and also your personal character. This is what will make your house a home.

Trends for 2016 Luxury Chandeliers black and gold

Black and gold can never go wrong. And this is a perfect example of it. This sleek and elegant chandelier will hypnotize its audience. You will become mesmerized as the intricately fashioned chandelier coils and bends in golden spirals; weaving itself elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouette. The graceful pattern of cut polished brass detail compliment the black glass component of this piece.

A chandelier is more than just a way to light a room — it’s a statement. For all these reasons, it’s imperative to include them in your interiors, if you want to be a follower of the interior design trends for 2016.

What chandelier is your favorite? Share your opinion on comments below!

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