If you are looking for inspiration to create your own modern home, this modern and clean apartment apartment might be the thing you have been looking for. To help you get the so needed inspiration we will let you get inside this modern blue apartment in Russia. Find more bellow.

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Get Inside This Modern Blue Apartment

This modern and clean apartment is a work from Edifico Interiors, their goal was the feeling of one big single room, eliminating the feeling of passage rooms. They wanted to achieve this by creating a layout without any corridor on it. The versatility became the key decision – the logical boundaries of the premises were visually torn, the creators said.

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Get Inside This Modern Blue Apartment

Simple furniture that follows the same color scheme (blue and white) alongside the walls and ceiling. Glass doors and walls were used to separate rooms, creating a flow between them. This trick also makes the user don’t feel enclosed in one room. By eliminating the corridors the design team also chose not to create any door, there is of course the glass sliding doors, with this choice they spare a huge amount of space that would be needed in order for the doors to open while creating one big room.

Get Inside This Modern Blue Apartment

The light was another key piece of this apartment, big windows make natural light the best resource during the day. At night, simple and clean ceiling lights in the kitchen and the amazing Duke Suspension on the living room light the rooms. The fact that there are no true walls, the light can as well flow from room to room, helping to create the feeling of one big room.

Get Inside This Modern Blue Apartment

Duke Suspension is the living room key piece, this piece is a modern pendant lighting design that gives a big nostalgic 70’s groove vibe. Inspired by the simplicity of the 1970s and handmade in brass and aluminum. The body, made of brass, while the shades are lacquered a glossy black on the outside. The inside is matte white, but it can also have a gold powder paint finish. Making it the perfect piece for a modern home and mid-century living room

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