Known for their luxury shoppings, the excentric architecture and agitated nightlife, Dubai wants to be a home for modern design. This is why today we will get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with unique designs and modern looks, we will show you everything. In a rising city there are many options but we selected the best, find them now.

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Huda Lighting

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

📍 Adress: Bayt Al Tawreed Trading LLC Umm Suqeim Rd., Al Quoz
With nineteen years of experience, Huda Lighting has positioned itself as a leading lighting solution provider for the Middle Eastern and North African markets, providing a high degree of lighting expertise to support the region’s projects with the most suitable products and services for any type of project from hospitality, retail, commercial, residential to industrial project. The brand continues to strive towards its vision “To Be The Lighting Supplier of Choice In The Region” by spreading its presence in more major cities like Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Doha, Cairo, Riyadh and others, while continuing to upgrade and diversify its products and services.

Inspired Lighting

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

📍 Adress: 26th Street, Al Quoz Industrial 4
Inspired Lighting was founded in 2006 with industry experience of over 30 years. Although based in the North West of UK in Heywood Manchester the company is also present in Dubai. With products that range from the simplest GLS lamp bulbs up to the light showpiece fitting for any setting.
A next day delivery service and a team of dedicated customer service ready to deal with all the customers needs and requirements.

Arrco Lighting

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

📍 Adress: Salahuddin Road, Al Muraqqabat
Arrco Lighting Company LLC was established in Dubai in 2011. It’s broad and contemporary offering caters to the widest Middle East, Central Africa, North Africa and Central Asia. The brand offers the latest, unique lighting and electrical products, a dedicated service philosophy and value added services.
With engineers responsible for the extensive testing and quality assurance that goes into all the products. All products surpass safety standards and international quality standards.

I Light You

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

📍 Adress: 0 1st Rd – Dubai
ILIGHTYOU was founded in 2006 in France by Olivier Moyen who felt that the Lighting standard offer was not easily accessible and poor.
The company is devoted to offer to all his customers the biggest choice in Lights, lighting objects and outdoor furniture at the best prices. Based in Dubai since 2014, their goal was to be closer to the customers and give them easy access at best prices to thousands of products from hundreds of brands. With a catalogue of nearly 30 000 references from 150 brands, it is officially the biggest offer in the Middle East.

The Asfour Crystals

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

📍 Adress: 717 Sheikh Zayed Road, Bindaher Building
Asfour Crystal has more than 50 years of experience in the crystal field and chandeliers manufacturing. Since its establishment in 1961, Asfour Crystal has had deep-rooted dedicated to quality that goes hand-in-hand with innovation. Through the years, the company has grown from a 2,200 square meter workspace with 200 craftsmen, to 1.2 million square meters with more than 10,000 craftsmen.

Editor’s Choice

After showing where you can get the best lighting pieces in Dubai, is now time for our usual recommendations.Without the need to travel the globe to the United Arabs Emirates, this unique lighting pieces can be purchased at Lighting Stores Shop without leaving the couch.

Burj Pendant

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

Burj Pendant is an exuberant pendant that is the most fitted piece to be on this is list since is inspired by the stunning Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. Like a symbol of the modern age and luxury tied by a simple string.

Pharo Chandelier

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

Inspired by the imponent and robust structure of Lighthouses, Pharo Chandelier is a magnificiente chandelier, luxurious and excentric as Dubai is! Made with Gold Plated Brass and Crystal Glass, this piece, is the perfect solution for wide spaces, able to swipe every attention in the room.

Panji Wall

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

Panji Wall Light, a contemporary lighting piece made of finished hammered brass with matte varnish. Let the mysticism of this brass sconce influence your modern interior design.

Cyrus Floor Lamp

get to know the best ligting stores in Dubai

Cyrus was the brave Persian king that conquered Babylonia and its Cylinder was the document that proves it. Cyrus Floor Light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilisation. Made whith glossy aged brushed brass it looks like a lamp made of gold, ideal for a city full of richness

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