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Are you a true reading addict? Do you enjoy curling up with a book and leaving the world behind? Reading can be one of the most mind-opening activities. It helps you relax, take your mind off of work, picture different realities, put yourself in another’s shoes, pose questions to your own previous conceptions, imagine new worlds, stimulate your creativity. However, a book is more enjoyable when an inviting environment is put together. To read, one needs light. And these lighting designs will just make you want to run home and withdraw yourself from the world, in the company of a great modern classic. See how to bring together the ideal reading corner.

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lighting designs



If you are a true bookworm, you will want to read everywhere. Nevertheless, your favorite reading spot will most certainly be your bed. It is warm, cozy, great for rainy days and, as all bookworms know, the best way to fall asleep is whilst reading, when the boundaries that separate plot from your imagination get blurred.

The perfect lighting fixture would have an extendable arm, such as this PASTORIUS lamp, so that you could adjust the light to the most comfortable reading position.

lighting designs

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The ZONDA Escutcheon wall light is the perfect modern reinterpretation of vintage wall reading lamps. It is both functional and uncluttered.

lighting designs

© Original BTC

A true literary devotee will not only read books for pleasure, but also want to study them in depth. Being so, the literary devotee will not only read in bed, but also contemplate, scrutinize and muse about it in an elegant desk. Whichever the place you choose, your book should always be shadow free. Ceiling and suspension lamps usually do not do the trick: they are most frequently placed above your head, creating a dimmer area on the page. The finest solution is a table or desk lamp, that will shed light directly onto the work of art you are sweeping at the time.

The BILLY table lamp is a retro alternative for your writing desk or your artistic hideaway.

lighting designs

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The KRAN IX is a more sophisticated option if your office has a modern decoration.

lighting designs

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Floor lamps also work if your reading spot is a snug sofa or a leather armchair. The light it emits should be incisive, so that you can rad without some areas becoming darker.

AMY can be a fashionable option. It mimics the unforgettable silhouette of the late British singer in perfection: her black dense hair framed in an upward style, her solid earrings.

lighting designs

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Our last suggestion is a sort of bonus for each every bookworm there is. The BIBLIOTEQUE NATIONAL is a must-have for wealthy book lovers. Philippe Starck described it as “A magic bookcase where books take flight towards the light.” The structure is naturally involving and embraces light and reading as unite existences. Reading is not appreciated without light, whereas light inherently invites literature. The Biblioteque National also works as a stunningly innovative bookshelf, while also offering a convenient portable device charger.

Philippe Starck


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