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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, am I right? It should be a comfortable welcoming safe place where you can find your inner tranquility better than anywhere else. Well, this can bring to mind white, geometry, no constraints. However, if you are naturally extravagant, tranquility might mean sophistication and luxury. You mustn’t forget: lighting is a key aspect when it comes to designing a bedroom. The role of light in every room is to set the mood and the atmosphere. You might like these ten suggestions for bedroom lighting

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At first glance, lighting would not be so important in a bedroom. After all, it is not where you work or eat or do anything else that requires a strong and incisive light. Plus, sleeping implies, at least for most people, the absence of light. Nevertheless, when you come to think about it, you need light for reading or doing your make-up and for creating that cozy atmosphere of a romantic refuge. Whether it is task lighting for doing, accent lighting for relaxing, or general lighting for merely illuminating, lighting can be tricky and here are some examples.


bedroom lighting

Whether you are or not a reading addict, bedside table light is always pleasant and not limited to table lamps. Our choice, ELLA, is pure refined elegance. The glossy black of the shade reminds us instantly of a microphone, a club lamp, of music, of ballrooms and the golden years of American music, with discreet colors and clean lines.


bedroom lighting

However, if you are indeed a reading addict that cannot go to sleep without reading through a few pages. Well, PASTORIUS is the way to go. Its sophisticated shape is reminiscent of the music of the influential bass player, Jaco Pastorius. Moreover, due to its extendable arm, Pastorius is literally a sight for your sore reader eyes!


bedroom lighting

Accent light to smoothen the atmosphere, curling up and watching a movie or just talking about everyday life? Our suggestion is IKE. There is not a design as minimalist as this: it was all broken down to a line, not useless or unwanted shapes. It is the fixture if you are looking for accent lighting.


bedroom lighting

Another great example is the HANNA. This is a truly vintage piece, a true classic that takes us back to art deco. The voluptuousness and ethereal spirit of the shade is enhanced by the linearity of it.


bedroom lighting

If you want accent light combined with a strong statement, here you have TURNER. The white and gold of the exterior provide a subtle elegance and grace to the notorious lamp. The Turner lamp is voluptuous, just like the artist it inspired upon. The dancing, the flashy clothes, the movement she inspired; they are all there.



bedroom lighting

The MATHENY — slender, radiant, simultaneously simple and detailed. This bedside lighting fixture will award your room an aura of sophistication and vintage. The embroidered features and the gold of the tubes, combined with a warm yellow light, inspire any sleeping space.


bedroom lighting

The PIAZZOLA is a 60s inspired design. The light emitted is balanced — upwards and downwards — providing a sense of geometry and, consequently, equilibrium. It is not, however, suitable for any ambiance. PIAZZOLA would shine best if inserted into a sophisticated bedroom with mid-century nuances.

And, since we know it is sometimes hard to find proper fixtures to light a child’s room, here are a couple of suggestions:


bedroom lighting

SINATRA is not a static lamp. There is something playful and classic in its structure. And, despite its vintage look, one can notice how well it blends in with a infant ambiance. The moving shades also allow you to adjust and redirect the light, so that it can serve different purposes.


bedroom lighting

The COSMO is more suitable for a dreamer’s bedroom. Here a rocket ambiance is depicted and, being almost out of this world, COSMO works perfectly. The uneven sizes of the spheres, as well as the plated colors, convey a sense of movement and continuous motion. The asymmetric shape of the piece adds to the sense of flow. It represents growth and change.

bedroom lighting

The DIANA is so big, it looks like a gentle giant with a huge head/shade and a sweetly clumsy look, at least at first sight. It it a stroke of fun in your bedroom and suits a hipster / surfer ambiance perfectly. It makes the room comfy and inviting.

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