Terzani, a brand founding in Florence, Italy in 1972, work to meld traditional Italian Craftmanship to create design lighting that blurs the lines among art, luxury and design.

We can see all this involvement in the latest and most precious collection of the brand that gives us a bunch of lighting solutions.


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Each piece in this new collection breaks with all the traditional luxury and incredibly incorporates modern design where the focus is primarily precious materials.


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Terzani essentially seeks to include the creative minds of its customers in their projects, which often result sculptural and beautiful pieces, keeping the long metal tradition and worked glass, but with a very meticulous eye design lighting.
The brand intends emphasis on helping its customers to make their views and for all these reasons, the company is growing and expanded its exports to a growing number of countries.


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Mizu, Flowing Light


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Inspired by drops of water, Mizu is a customizable pendant light. Each crystal form is unique and made thoroughly by hand.
Mizu perfectly emulates water’s refraction of light, casing amazing patterns around the room, reminiscent of flowing water. Also available in gold leaf and silver dust.


Volver, Breath of new Light




This geometric design lighting combines thin nickel chains with the latest in LED technology to create a light that is both elegant and modern. A breath of new light, the lamp design melds technology and art to achieve a new level of luxury.


Atlantis, a Precious Wave.


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Atlantis has a sparkling light that creates a vibrant source of energy. Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, we view this light design ocean currents, cascading over its nickel glow bands and falling towards the abyss before turning inward.
Atlantis is composed of almost three miles of chain, meticulously hand-crafted by master Italian artisans.


Anish, Playing Spoons


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Inspired by the reflections of the spoons, Anish consists of a variety of spoons. The result is an installation that creates a galaxy effect of seemingly endless light.



Doodle, Freehand Design




Reflecting the fluidity of our generation, the designer Simone Micheli has created a new light, contemporary.
Like us, each Doodle is a unique pendant handcrafted by artisans to resemble a randomized way. To give us control over the trip you want to take each LED lamp can be placed anywhere in the light, not only reflecting the choices we make in life, but giving a special Doodle flexibility.


Core, Eruption of Light


Modern Design Lighting Collection by Terzani


Core, designed by Christian Lava, is reminiscent of the natural energy at the heart of our world. Like bright lava seeping through the earth’s crust, vibrant spheres of faceted crystal break through the iron surface of this pendant. Forcing light to pass through metal structure results in this a powerful, vibrant exchange of light and shadow forces erupt across the room, the light pours through the LED, the light itself emits the an organic radiance.


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Photo ©Terzani