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Your favorite signature is back another week with the best novelties for you!

If you have been keeping us with us for the last weeks you know that we are crazy about DelightFULL’s Moodboards. Are you crazy about them too? then this is the perfect article for you. ‘New Trends‘ can never let you down!


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Starting with the Spring moodboards, you should take a look at these colors and see the perfect way to combine letter H from Graphic Collection with happy colors. H stands for handmade and for one of the most beloved typefaces hits of this collection. Modern and energetic, this letter draws attention by its standard finishes in italic, with a yellow color and black outline. It’s also able to put into your floor or your sleek wall. Made only for your interiors.


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Are you feeling the galaxy vibes already? It’s all this new moodboaard is about! Atomic table is the perfect lamp to combine with this style. A modern interpretation of the atomic age, Atomic mid-century desk lamp was inspired by the molecular composition of the atom. Atomic table light has several gold-plated elements that turn it into a sophisticated option perfect for a modern home office, or a contemporary living room.

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Choosing the best color to brighten up your Spring season? Here you have Sinatra Floor Lamp as a suggestion. A sculptural and versatile creation, the iconic modern floor lamp features three articulating arms handmade in brass that are flexible in a variety of different locations in order to allow you to situate the lights exactly as you need it. This task floor lamp exudes a mid-century modern flair that will elevate your art deco interior design.

New Trends They Are Baking New Moodboards For You

Pink is the way to the next season! And letter Z is a perfect choice! As this is the last letter of the alphabet it deserves some excellence. Astounding colors made this a one of a kind lighting design. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White Neons shine brightly in an audacious Z pattern. It can be in any outdoor or interior design project. With 1 meter height, this incredible lighting design will be the most wanted in your design project! If you want to have color, light and an energetic vibe to your eclectic design projects, this is the one.

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Graphic and outdoor lighting are two concepts that perfectly blend together. What about letter W? Popping the marquee letter W is making a having a WOW moment in your design project. One of the most emblematic letters of the collection, this pop script typeface with is handmade sleek forms add a state of pureness and stillness to any fitting decor. With a soothing light effect, this is subdued by the acrylic coating on the letter that can be customized on demand. A versatile piece, it can be used on walls or floors as well as interiors and exterior projects.

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Amy is always a classic, and this moodboard highlights the vintage side of this lighting design. Take a look at Amy Floor lamp. Amy vintage floor lamp was inspired by the great jazz singer and songwriter: Amy Winehouse. Amy has a vintage retro style that embodies the soul of the British artist and the 50’s interior design style. The flexible lamp shade is what makes this modern lamp, the perfect reading light for your vintage bedroom or retro home office since it will point in any direction you need. Note that Amy floor lamp features a footswitch that is on the cord, and the brass detail on the lamp shade has the sole purpose of adding a more modern aesthetics feeling.


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