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We know, you love Massimo Dutti, that is why today we are here to give some pieces of information about it. Also, we thought that you might like to see a project for Massimo Dutti NYC with one of the most amazing lighting designs you’ll see. Are you curious now? Finally! Just keep reading!


Store-y Time All About Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is a clothes manufacturing company that is part of the Inditex group, as you probably already know. When founded in 1985, its product range was limited to men’s clothing, with a women’s range added in 1992. Despite the Italian name, it is a wholly Spanish company. The company employs over 4,000 people internationally. In 2003, the company launched a children’s line under the trade name Massimo Dutti Boys and Girls.

Massimo Dutti is not a fashion designer, nor a real person, but a trademark.

Since 2006, Massimo Dutti has been fully designing and marketing the following lines: for women: Women’s wear, Accessories, Soft, Fragrances; for men: Men’s wear, Accessories, Soft, Personal Tailoring, Fragrances.

In 1991 Inditex acquired 65% of the shares of the company before acquiring it fully. The company has diversified its supply and offers clothes for women and children, as well as perfumes. It has 781 stores in 75 countries. The offices of Massimo Dutti are located in Barcelona, Spain, unlike Inditex which is located in Arteixo, Galicia, Spain.

Do you know how many American MD stores there are in the United States? Only 3. Sounds crazy, right? This is why lighting stores team is going hard on the word of mouth spread when it comes to Massimo Dutti.

As we previously said, we are going to share with you DelightFULL Project for the Massimo Dutti NYC. Although this project was made for a store, we have to tell you that the lighting designs would look perfect in every home decor.

New York was the scene of the international Massimo Dutti’s latest project, which requested the services of the lighting brand that we all know for the central New York store, located in the notorious V avenue. This time, in order to incorporate the sober version of Coltrane wall lamp, whose elegance feeds visitors’ eyes.

Coltrane Wall Lamp

Coltrane mid-century modern wall sconce is inspired by the famous John Coltrane and it is the perfect piece to create a beautiful lighting effect both indoors and outdoors. Handmade in steel by DelightFULL’s skilled artisans, it is a great example of how less is more.

This wall lamp fixture has matte black and gold powder paint finishes, which give it a more contemporary style. It is prepared to be used in more humid atmospheres, making it the perfect outdoor sconce. You can pair up to two iron tubes, which will help to create a statement in your modern home decor. Additionally, it can be used in more minimalist hotel rooms. As you can see, this lamp perfectly fits the store theme and contributed to another successful DelightFULL project.


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