In mid-march is starting a international lighting and building industry event in Frankfurt, the Light + Building, but do you know this event and what is his purpose?
Today we will tell you what’s Light Building and everything about it so that you won’t lose a thing. Find this event bellow.

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UPDATE: Light + Building was now postponed to September 2020, and will not be happening in March anymore!

Light + Building

At Light + Building the industry presents every two years the latest products for the fields of lighting, electrical engineering as well as home and building automation. It is the industry hotspot for architects, planners, electrical installers, retailers and the real estate sector from all over the world.

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Light + Building is a tradeshow for innovation that covers all electric based building services systems. The world’s largest trade fair for lighting and engineering building services, showcasing solutions for reducing the energy consumption of buildings, at the same time as raising the levels of comfort within them. The show covers everything from LED to photovoltaic technology and even electric vehicles, the so famous “smart” ways of using electricity with ‘smart metering’ and ‘smart grids’ will be present as well.
By combining both lighting and networked building services, the industry can offer an integrated range of products and services that make a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings in buildings.

what's Light Building and everything about it

Light + Building represents the world’s largest stage for the lighting market. The total ammount of exhibits includes designer luminaires in a variety of styles, technical luminaires and lamps in various forms and for all kinds of uses, as well as a huge range of technical lighting components and accessories, including outdoor and street lighting.

More than 2,700 exhibitors are present at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. Of over 220,000 visitors, almost half comes from outside Germany, top visitors were coming from China, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the UK and Belgium, as well as from emerging markets like Russia, India, Finland, Korea and Ukraine.
Amongst the majority of the visitor groups are architects, interior architects, designers, planners and engineers, tradesmen and women as well as representatives from the retail, the wholesale sectors and from industry.

what's Light Building and everything about it

Behind the light

With its central, cross-sector technologies aimed at overall, integrated solutions, electrical and electronic engineering occupies a keypoint within building services technology. And it is only at Light + Building that is possible to find electronic solutions presented in the context of the work of other trades, such as lighting and home and building automation. It is through this unique combination that the industry is able to present an integrated range of products and services, making a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings within buildings.

The integration of all technical disciplines means that building automation plays a major role: the growing interconnection and digitalisation of electrical installations is leading to an increase in the quality of life at home and at work. At Light + Building, the industry presents solutions and technologies aimed not only at low energy consumption and modern safety expectations but also individual and unique design opportunities with a high level of convenience.

what's Light Building and everything about it

Light + Building WorldWide

Althought the main event is located in Frankfurt, the tradeshow holds 15 lighting and building technology fairs on three continents, in Asia, Russia, Middle East and in South America.

  • Biel Light + Building – Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Light Middle East – Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Interlight Russia – Moscow (Russia)
  • Intelligent Building Russia – Moscow (Russia)
  • Light India – New Delhi (India)
  • Electrical Building Technology India – New Delhi (India)
  • LED expo New Delhi – New Delhi (India)
  • LED expo Mumbai -Mumbai (India)
  • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition – Guangzhou (Canton, China)
  • Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology – Guangzhou (Canton, China)
  • Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology – Schanghai (China)
  • Shanghai International Lighting Fair – Schanghai (China)
  • Shanghai Smart Home Technology – Schanghai (China)
  • Thailand Building Fair – Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Thailand Lighting Fair – Bangkok (Thailand)

what's Light Building and everything about it

Get Ready For 2020

After the break in 2019, Light + Building will be back in September 2020, in Frankfurt am Main the tradeshow will be lighting the city and everyone that visits it. The tickets for visitors are on sale right now on the official page for the fair.
While you can’t get into the fair, make sure to take a look at our Lighting Collection in our online store.

what's Light Building and everything about it

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