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Have you ever wondered whether sophisticated or vintage lighting could be cheap? Without having to turn to Ikea lamps? Of course, Ikea is great! But sometimes, people want a change of heart. Well, we gathered the top 5 pendant lighting suggestions under 100$ that can take your wanna-be vintage home to the next level. Whether you are looking for a dramatic twist, a refined addition or actual illumination, we have a few suggestions for you. Pendant lights are a great way of decorating your room and, at the same time, illuminate it without taking too much space. Plus: spring is just the time for a twist in your home decor.

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Ceiling lamps are actually really versatile lighting fixtures, ranging from chandeliers to pendants and other kinds of suspension. Taking little space is the most obvious advantage when compared to other kinds of lamps. However, when we talk about pendant lights, what we have are smaller and not so imposing lamps as, for instance, chandeliers. Pendants are petite but not necessarily simple or pared-down. More often than not, pendants offer drama, character and personality to a room. Here are the five finest types of vintage and modern pendant lights and corresponding examples under 100$!

pendant lights

The beat black range linear pendant system, by Tom Dixon | Courtesy of TOM DIXON

Our first suggestion is an industrial-style black metal lamp. It is manufactured by Globe Electric and is part of the Jayson collection. The lamp is a caged pendant, putting the stress on the metalwork. It has a stark powerful statement and offers a perfect turn of the century industrial look. The Jayson industrial mini pendant is fashioned as an open-bottomed steel bulb guard. The shade is matte black and perfect for a minimalist or vintage kitchen. Its price is 70.99$ but it is on sale on only 36.99$!

pendant lighting

pendant lighting

Courtesy of Wayfair

Our second suggestion is a Pottery Barn must-have. The McCarthy curvy glass pendant is a minimalist fixture, featuring a curved silhouette and a somewhat rustic bulb. The structure is made of mild steel and the shade is mouth blown glass, which makes it look even more delicate and special. The voluptuous pendant is smooth and will perfectly blend in your vintage, rustic, industrial, coastal or modern home. The light it sheds brims perfectly through the translucent shade, hinting at urbane sophistication. It is 99$!

pendant lighting pendant lighting

Courtesy of Pottery Barn


This retro industrial black pendant from MStar is to die for! It has the look of an antique ceiling pendant, so it is really retro. The shade has an outer black matte finish, with a detailed top in copper. On the contrary, the inside has a golden finish, making it perfect for all sorts of ambiances, from bars, cafes and lofts, to even more homely rooms, such as a vintage kitchen, dining room or actually the bedroom. This retro industrial trinket costs only 59.99$, but it is on sale on Amazon! Only 54.99$.

pendant lighting pendant lighting

Courtesy of Amazon

Believe it or not, pleated waxed paper lamps rock. Forest & co. has a whole set of funky and flamboyant paper pendants for only 27$! They come in pink, orange, red, green and blue and work both in a child’s bedroom, a modern kitchen with daring aspirations or a summer interior porch! The geometry of the lamps, complex and intricate, allows them to smooth combine wit more uncluttered ambiances, giving them a look both stylish and neat. And they are so eye-catching! Perfect for a spring change.

pendant lighting

pendant lighting

Courtesy of Forest & Co.

The last recommendation to you is to go shinny. For those of you who enjoy a hint of sumptuousness and sophistication, a copper globe pendant is just the thing. This one is produced by Australian lighting company Glow Loft and its price is only 33,92$ US (44,95$ AUD). Reflective elements always offer a powerful and utterly dramatic statement to any given room. And, despite the magnificence of this particular lighting fixture, it is simultaneously endearing — perhaps due to the copper finish. The reflective outside is both modern and inviting, since it is inevitable not to stare at it and look at our own misshaped reflection.pendant lighting

pendant lighting

Courtesy of Glow Loft

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