The Perfect Way To Style Coltrane Family Into Your House Design 9

Coltrane Pieces are here to make a statement, are you willing to listen to them?

Today we decided: “Why not bring 4 different pieces that have the Inspirations in common for your house design?”. And then we thought “Well, that’s actually a great idea, let’s do it!” And here we are now! If you want to find out how to pull it off with These , you have to keep Reading this article!

About Coltrane: 

Coltrane Suspension

Coltrane pendant lamp is one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers. With a minimalist and industrial feeling to it, it is not, however, hard to understand where the mid-century inspiration lies. Coltrane is a simple suspended ceiling light, which is handmade in steel. An industrial pendant lighting design fit for the most demanding setting, with a seal of high-quality craftsmanship only delivered by the best artisans in the industry. Coltrane is a great lamp for more interiors, as well as for contemporary .

Suspension Category

Coltrane Floor

Inspired by the American jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane, Coltrane floor lamp embodies the avant-garde jazzy vibe that this legendary musician transmitted in every music concert. Handmade in brass and aluminum, the minimal black floor lamp has a matte black finish on the three lamp shades with a gold powder paint on the inside, that provide a smooth lighting effect. This functional floor lamp is ideal for minimalist settings, as well as for, mid-century modern reading nooks.

Coltrane Wall

The Perfect Way To Style Coltrane Family Into Your House Design 5

Coltrane mid-century wall sconce is inspired, once again, by the famous John Coltrane and it is the perfect piece to create a beautiful lighting effect both indoors and outdoors. This piece is a great example of how less is more. This wall light fixture has matte black and gold powder paint finishes, which give it a more . It is prepared to be used in more humid atmospheres, making it the perfect outdoor sconce. You can pair up to two iron tubes, which will help to create a statement in your modern . Additionally, it can be used in more minimalist hotel rooms.

Coltrane Table

The mid-century Coltrane table light is a modern lighting fixture, which embodies the contemporary principles of minimalism. With this in mind, DelightFULL’s designers came up with a minimal black table lamp with three tubes that cast the most soothing glaze. This modern desk lamp is handmade in brass and steel, with a gold-plated base that is topped up with a matte black finish on the three shades. It serves as a great bedside table lamp, as well as a unique entryway table light.


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