minimalist bedroom

When decorating a bedroom, there are a couple of things one should bare in mind. Furnishing, namely the bed, furbishing, architectural features and and color schemes. Never start with the latter, the color will always depend on the rest. However, what people seldom understand is that the bedroom is perhaps the most significant area in any home. Why is that so? The truth is that your sleeping space is presumably your sanctuary, the place where you can rediscover your inner tranquility each day and leave behind the all the dilemmas and headaches life has to offer. Therefore, what better way to transform your ordinary sleeping room into an idyllic hideaway? Going minimalist! We thought you might enjoy these 5 tips to achieve the perfect minimalist bedroom.

minimalist bedroom


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1)All eyes on the bed
Minimalist does not equal small. Choose a large, sumptuous bed to enhance the minimalist appeal of the room. The bed should be the focal point of your bedroom, so let it have the spotlight. And you don’t even need a bed frame! Platform beds are a minimalist-lover’s best friend.

Minimalist Bedroom
IMAGE CREDITS: Richard Powers via Architectural Digest

2) A room with a view

E. M. Forster said it best. Windows are a key feature in any room and, if you are going full minimalist, you should take advantage of them. Large windows or sliding doors leading to a green garden are a great way of bringing color and texture to your minimalist ambiance. The flow between landscape and home makes a great minimalist decor, better than a painting.

Minimalist Bedroom

IMAGE CREDITS: Nikolas Koenig via Architectural Digest


3) The palette / pantone

Despite what you might think, a minimalist bedroom should not be completely white. The purpose is not to create a barren atmosphere, but a tranquil sanctuary. Choose earthly color, such as sage or brown, and combine them with white. Grey is also a really successful option since it is so versatile — work with the various tones and shades to achieve the balance between neutral and bright.

Minimalist Bedroom


4) Texturize it

Minimalism is all about simplicity and cleanness. But not everything needs to be plain. A rug with slender stripes and warm colors is a great way to maintain the balance in a minimalist bedroom decor. A room devoid of texture or pattern can become too uneasy. A wooden floor or a wallpaper might help in this.

Minimalist Bedroom

IMAGE CREDITS: Joshua McHugh via Architectural Digest

5) Furnishing

Speaking of textures, bedside tables or chests of drawers are also a great escape for a little extravaganza. Prefer wooden or textile patterns and grant some vitality to the room. However, choose only one. If you are seeking the minimalist visual, do not go with dressers and shelves all in the same environment. Pick a clear lined chest of drawers and a cubic bedside table, enhancing the geometry in your bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom

IMAGE CREDITS: William Abranowicz via Architectural Digest

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